The Story

factorio - Player-running - Factorio | The Industrial Game

Whats the story with Factorio? Well, I’m glad you asked!, You’ve crashed landed on a strange world after your mining ship malfunctioned, the only thing you have to help you survive is your wit and determination, and some manufacturing skills, the worst part is, it was your last day on the job!

As you wander through an endless world looking for resources to help you start the biggest step of your life, there are a few things you need to think about, firstly, the end goal is to get off that planet, but, you won’t be building everything yourself, while you start with nothing you’ll need to setup conveyors, machines and even robots to help you on a very complicated journey.

Meet the Locals!

The land you now inhabit is filled with a local species, here’s the catch, they don’t like you one bit, going over to say hi won’t go down well!

The longer you are on the planet the more will come, so make haste!

factorio - SmallBiter-anim - Factorio | The Industrial Game

Factorio isn’t a brand new game, but it is an Early Access game that is available on Steam [or], The game has been in development for 5 years [est], While I was shocked, The more you play it the more you appreciate it.

I’ve played this for about 60 hours so far [still not completed it], It has been a really rewarding game, in the sense that the contraption you just built works! but there is a lot more to it than the video shows, honestly, just go play the demo [that’s right, I said demo] on or Steam 

As you further progress in the game you will find yourself trying to optimise everything from ore production to crafting, power management to defences, you get to a point in the game that almost everything can be automated, by the time you have finished creating all the required machines you basically in charge of a mega construction company, but to really complete the game you need to get off the planet!

But there is more, you can add mods officially, at the moment the count is at 2,777, so the longevity of the game will depend on what sort of mods you want to install!

System Requirements

This game should be playable on all computers [Windos, MacOS & Linux], however here are the official specs.

  • Platforms: PC only – Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
  • PC Requirements: 8GB RAM, 512MB dedicated video memory

The reason for the 8GB RAM is due to how much the game has to remember, while it looks simple the mechanics of the game are very complex!

The Verdict

If you love genres such as Simulation, RTS, Building, Management or  Tower defense then this game is for you, it has an active community and devoted developers as well as Modders, My personal of Factorio is that the game is solid and could be released into the wild at any time.

The 60 hours gameplay I have gained I’m really enjoying the game once I have achieved the End Goal I’ll be adding mod’s maybe to add to the complicated.



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